November 2022 Issue: Weeds (Digital Edition)

November 2022 Issue: Weeds (Digital Edition)

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Love Hurts

The life and Chicago works of Gregory Bae

"White, billowing clouds roil and churn against a brilliant blue sky at the opening of the 1993 movie "Groundhog Day"—a storm brewing, perhaps. The whirling mise-en-scène foreshadows supernatural conditions to come in the classic rom-com and sets the stage for "Chicago Works: Gregory Bae" at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, in a pair of delicate pencil renderings." (Emeline Boehringer)

Seeing Native America

Indianapolis’ Eiteljorg Museum reframes its vision

"The Eiteljorg Museum is one of only two museums east of the Mississippi that present to the public both Native American art created in the past by mostly unknown artists, contemporary art by Native Americans and the art of the American West from well-known names like Fredric Remington and Georgia O’Keefe. The renovations reflect trends that dictate livelier spaces while avoiding the tendency of previous museum designers, influenced by then-current anthropology, to present distinct groups of Indigenous people as though they existed in a vacuum from others who were living at the same time and even sometimes in the same space." (David Hammond)

In the Weeds

How bartender, poet, musician and artist Sergio Mayora cultivated one of the most important taverns in Chicago history

"It was a cornerstone of Chicago’s poetry scene. It was the site of historic Thursday night jazz sessions featuring Louis Armstrong’s drummer Barrett Deems, vibraphonist Carl Leukaufe, bassist John Bany and others. The Bedbugs trekked up from the east side of Chicago to play sweet pop and rock music at Weeds, 1555 North Dayton. Actor John Cusack tended bar at Weeds and Jamie Lee Curtis once drank tequila there. Now a gritty sports bar, Weeds is the template for the popular Hideout music club only a few blocks north." (Dave Hoekstra)

Arts & Culture 

Art: Fictioning the self with Martine Syms

Dance: Winifred Haun & Dancers are surprised to be twenty-five 

Design: The undeclared future field of social emotional design 

+ Mood: Prints and Posters

Dining & Drinking: A-Maized at Fora 

Film: The Godfather Is bigger (and louder) 

Lit : A Conversation with Nicole Mitchell Gantt about The Mandorla Letters 

Music: A journey through Beth Orton's catalog 

Stage: The audio describer brings live theater to those with vision problems



One last burst of fall


"The Smoke Tree," an original graphic story by Chana Goldbloom


"Card Regarding Thanksgiving," a new poem from Ed Roberson





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