March 2023 Issue: Paper Models (Digital Edition)

March 2023 Issue: Paper Models (Digital Edition)

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Chicago Hot Dog!

How to build one yourself.
The cover of the issue is a foldout that includes a two-page paper model of a Chicago-style hot dog that you can build at home to make your own red hot just like the one on the cover. 

Madness, the Mother-in-Law and the Truth About Deep Dish Pizza

Big questions about Chicago’s original foods

"Since 1972, Fat Johnnie's Famous Red Hots (7242 South Western) has been housed in what is lovingly referred to as "the shack." This tumbledown wooden building, with hand-painted signage and menu, looks as though it was hit by a hurricane; there are few right angles left on the grubby, wobbly-looking white building with the sloping wooden awning. It is not the most promising place to grab lunch. It is, however, a landmark of Chicago food greatness, being what some believe to be the birthplace of the Mother-in-Law: a Chicago corn-roll tamale in a hot dog bun, covered in chili, dressed like a dragged-through-the-garden Chicago hot dog." (David Hammond)


Trying to piece together how a mother's life was disrupted 

"Mom’s work history seemed typical for the privileged young woman of her age, even if this facetious resume is not. Twenty-five years after her college degree, she finished requirements for her elementary teaching credential and went on the job market with a twenty-year employment-history gap. At that same time, my ninth-grade social science class was debating “should women work?” Evidently our little debate did not consider that twenty years of raising five children was relentless work." (Cris Mazza)

Ode to the Pasty

Where a handheld meat pie is, well, everything

"From Escanaba to Marquette, Ironwood to Iron Mountain, pasty sightings are a common occurrence in the UP, as ubiquitous as Sasquatch cutouts or Dollar General stores. It’s rare that a particular dish can be so strongly identified with a specific region, but up north in Michigan, pasties reign." (June Sawyers)

Paper Chase

Tom Greensfelder's model life

"The Greensfelder Design Studio is a childlike page in the story of our city. It is tucked away in a former bookbinder’s storefront at  2119 West Roscoe. The studio is owned and operated by Tom Greensfelder, an erstwhile calligrapher who made his mark as a graphic designer for the Broadway in Chicago production company. His studio is also filled with 175 vintage and replica paper models of fairgrounds, gas stations, boats, trucks, castles, a chicken in a coop, and more. They are carefully constructed with eyes cast on history and fantasy. Visitors smile at the colorful fabrications at every turn of the head. Life is more than a paper moon. "(Dave Hoekstra)

Arts & Culture

Art: Pamela Bannos brings a Victorian photographer to life

Dance: Chicago Black Dance Legacy Project widens the circle 

Design: Milwaukee’s Scandinavian Design exhibition goes beyond hygge

+ Mood: Pets

Dining & Drinking: The marvel that was Chicago’s Chapin & Gore 

Film: Repertory filmgoing rises again 

Lit: Rebecca Makkai has no easy answers

Music: Paul Hillier returns to Bella Voce 

Stage: Yuval Sharon shapes a trio of new operas


The culture is churning again, and that's a good thing


“Self-Portrait Lined by Robert Desnos,” a new poem from Simone Muench and Jackie K. White

84 pages


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