June 2023 Issue: Big Heat Food & Drink 50 (Digital Edition)

June 2023 Issue: Big Heat Food & Drink 50 (Digital Edition)

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Unburdened Beauty

Allana Clarke pursues Black futurity
" With an impressive oeuvre and a litany of accolades to her name, Allana is on the precipice of something huge. But let’s focus on the art. Using her body as a conduit, she layers performance art with sculptures and photography to create powerfully intimate explorations of Blackness. Her current solo exhibition consists primarily of her show-stopping hair glue sculptures. Through these dark, visceral, undulating sculptures, Clarke explores layers of Blackness both literally and figuratively." (Jen Torwudzo-Stroh)

Fungi Fantasia

A visit to Windy City Mushroom is a trip

"Matt Lopez was just a little kid when his dad started growing mushrooms in and around the family home on 76th Street. 'He didn’t have much luck with buttons,' Lopez recalls, 'but he got really good at growing oysters.' Fascinated, young Matt learned what he could from his father, and then went so deep with his own research, the mycology exhibit he entered in the school science fair got disqualified. (Monica Kass Rogers)

Big Heat

The Food & Drink 50 

"This year, Newcity’s Big Heat feature focuses on those who stand behind the chef in the kitchen. To compile our list, we confer with people who’ve been on the Big Heat Food and Drink 50 in the past, and then we research the growing list of candidates and speak to them. This list includes restaurateurs and restaurant groups, and sometimes chefs themselves; the support people behind those restaurants, including farmers, investors and designers; the people who make beverages, like spirits and beer; and, of course, members of the media." (David Hammond)

Arts & Culture

Art: Emotion and color in the art of Emmett Kyoshi
My afternoon as a stone carver
Dance: Mandala Maker Festival moves to Devon Avenue
Design: The Curio wants to lift up the Chicago fashion scene
+ Mood: NeoCon highlights
Dining & Drinking : What I learned while writing an oral history of Chicago restaurants
Film: I lost it at the chat prompt
Lit: Thomas Leslie offers a new history of Chicago’s ever-evolving tall buildings
 Music: A music tradition born in the Blitz of London lives on in Chicago
Stage: A victory against invisibility in “Being Seen”



Some of the culture's best this month


"Three Sisters: Welcoming Spring at Star Farm": A new comic by Anya Davidson


Time Heals All Wounds”: A new poem by Eve Ozer

  92 pages