July 2021: Sheboygan

July 2021: Sheboygan

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Big in Sheboygan

How the new Art Preserve will transform coastal Wisconsin

"Thanks to the Kohlers in all their manifestations—family, company, foundation, art museum—Sheboygan punches far above its weight in the visual art world, and will soon be even stronger. The John Michael Kohler Arts Center was established in 1967 in the company founder's house in downtown Sheboygan; when Ruth Kohler took the helm a few years later, she led a building growth spurt and a focus of the mission that today has become a regional museum of 100,000 square feet (more than triple the size of Chicago's Hyde Park Art Center) reaching 160,000 visitors a year and mounting a dozen or so exhibitions of contemporary art annually, while operating the country's first arts-based pre-school, a summer arts festival and a vigorous performing arts program." (Brian Hieggelke)

The Conversation

Jennifer O’Brien Helps Us Deal with Love and Death

"Jennifer O’Brien has some unique insights into death and how to best handle the passing of loved ones. She lost her mother and brother when she was young, and eventually spent twenty-two months by the side of her beloved husband, Dr. Bob Lehmberg, as he battled cancer. Now she’s helping others face the hardships of death and caregiving with a book called “The Hospice Doctor’s Widow,” which compiles the highlights of her extensive journals from the period she cared for her husband and offers them to readers in a highly artistic way." (Carl Kozlowski)

Tending to Queer Histories

Edie Fake Returns to Chicago With Two Exhibitions

"It’s been seven years since the artist Edie Fake last lived in Chicago, having decamped first for Los Angeles and then a desert area outside that city in 2014. But with their new solo show at Western Exhibitions, “The Pieces,” as well as their appearance in “Chicago Comics: 1960s to Now" at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the city continues to play a key sustaining role in their work. Fake describes feeling “tethered to [Chicago] in almost a magical way,” the city where they worked at Quimby’s Bookstore and first found the themes that have guided their work ever since." (Annie Howard)



Or, the circle of life systems

An original four-page comics story by JJ McLuckie. A print exclusive. 



+ Print exclusive:
A "mood board" of outdoor living furniture and accessories from local designers and boutiques. 


Arts & Culture

Art: The Chicago Arts Census hopes to make the arts ecosystem more equitable

Design: Chicago comics history with a dash of design

Dining & Drinking: Chef Don Young of Venteux and his path through Les Nomades, Le Francais and… Culver’s

Film: Chicago filmmakers go to the movies

Lit: The essential wisdom of Brenda Myers-Powell

Music: Locals take Lolla

Stage: Lyric Opera welcomes new roommate Joffrey Ballet to refurbished opera house


Art openings abound this summer


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