July 2020 Issue: Music 45

July 2020 Issue: Music 45

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Music 45: The sound-makers of Chicago, 2020

Musician of the Moment: Toronzo Cannon and his blues are what we need right now.

What's Going On: Artists, Poets and Writers respond to racial injustice and police brutality

-Scoop Jackson's "The Awakening: A Death in 4,000 Words"

-Sklyer Higley's "Black People Are Not Dumber Than You"

-Poems by Tarnynon Onumonu, Mario Smith, avery r. young, N. A. Patin, Timothy David Rey and Gwendolyn Brooks

-Artwork by Carlos Rolón, Monica Trinidad, William Estrada, and Edra Soto

+ Art/Dance/Design/Dining & Drinking/Film/Lit/Music/Stage

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