July 2019 Issue: Summer

July 2019 Issue: Summer

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 Summer 2019

  • A Myco-Adventure
  • Communing in Chicago's Japanese Garden
  • Falcons, Coyotes, and How to Re-Wild Downtown Chicago
  • Have You Seen a Kirtland's Warbler?
  • How to Meditate in Public
  • Painting Outdoors, Like It's 1899
  • Repairing the World
  • Saved by the Cottonwood
  • Spokesman for Outdoor Enjoyment
  • Summer is a Johnnie's Italian Beef Sandwich
  • Take Me to the River Town
  • Ten Songs for Summer
  • The Floater
  • The Summer Parade Begins
  • Update from the River

+ Poems by Roger Bonair-Agard, Jennifer Karmin, Marcy Rae Henry, Robbie Q. Telfer, Jacob Vitorine and Chris Green

+ Art/Dance/Design/Dining & Drinking/Film/Lit/Music/Stage 

+ Life is Beautiful comic

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