July 2017 Issue: Summer

July 2017 Issue: Summer

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I Was a Mezcal MuleIf you want Oaxaca’s spirit, go to Oaxaca.

The World Capital of Weird: The truth is out there. Specifically in Kempton, Illinois, population 231


Hello, Columbus: What’s Mike Pence’s Indiana hometown doing with all this great architecture?

Here, There and Everywhere: Anna Brown digs the duds of Victorian mail carriers.

SummerTaking Lit to the People/A Moment of Connection Through a Summer Festival DJ/Summertime at Calumet Fisheries/How a Bathing Suit Can Simplify Your Life/Shakespeare Rocks the Season.

+ Art/Dance/Design/Dining & Drinking/Film/Lit/Music/Stage and the latest "Life is Beautiful" comic.

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