February 2024 Issue: 38th Anniversary Issue (Digital Edition)

February 2024 Issue: 38th Anniversary Issue (Digital Edition)

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Inside the Church of Pope.L

How the iconic artist's death affected his friends and disciples
“'He was profoundly invested in the lives of his students and his colleagues and his close friends here,” says artist Theaster Gates. 'Through his teaching and through his friendships and mentorship and extended paternalism—in the best way—he was a father to a lot of people in the arts'.” (Alison Cuddy)

Worlds Remade

The state of art in Kansas City
"Before long, Country Club Plaza’s tile roofs and flowery mosaics had attracted thousands of visitors. Nichols’ fabulism and willingness to create new cultural realms remains an animating principle for current exhibits near Kansas City’s Plaza Area: when the status quo stinks, make your world anew." (Charles Young)

In the Cathedral of Sculpture

The last days and years of Richard Hunt
"By December 2020—exactly three years before the end of his life—he had made enough impact for a dozen lifetimes, and was still going strong. Then death took a swipe at him, and missed. This spurred some reflection. Once back in his Lill Avenue studio, he took major steps to get his 'things' in order—such as papers, from important contracts to news clippings to doodles, saved over eighty years and never culled or organized—as well as to preserve his monumental artistic legacy. After launching those efforts, he picked up his tools and resumed sculpting." (Andrea Holliday)

Trading Up

How and why a team of international artists took control of the last pit at the Chicago Board of Trade
"In 2018, Marissa Lee Benedict and David Rueter, former Chicago artists now partners in life and work in the Netherlands, joined forces with Brazilian artist Daniel de Paula to acquire the last remaining trading pit from the Chicago Board of Trade. It was a formidable undertaking logistically, made even more challenging due to their location thousands of miles away, across the ocean." (Brian Hieggelke)

Arts & Culture

Art" “Radical Clay” sees women taking Japanese ceramics beyond tradition

Dance" The show’s not over yet for Mr. Taps

Design" Seres Footwear takes virtuous steps

+ Mood: Rugs

Dining & Drinking: Pinky finger—and two thumbs—up for afternoon tea

Film: The tenderness and joy of "The Taste of Things"

Lit: Sheila Heti from A to Z

Music: The Shindellas' Stacy Johnson has a hometown story to tell

Stage: Terence Blanchard’s pulled no punches on his journey from jazz to opera


Some museum shows not to be missed, and more


"We Collect Cans For Money"
A new comic by Ebony Flowers


A new poem by Sylvia Ewing

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