February 2023 Issue: Best of Chicago (Digital Edition)

February 2023 Issue: Best of Chicago (Digital Edition)

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Best of Chicago

Thinking about this final word on the Best of Chicago, we decided to concentrate on icons, those enduring people, places and things that have been present with us for most, if not all of our journey, and that will live on for a long time to come, at least in the consciousness of the city. In addition to 183 items composed by some of the city's finest writers, we asked five living cultural icons—a small sample of the many we might have chosen—to reflect on their own Chicago journey in some way. (Brian Hieggelke)

A meander through an iconic city including essays by
Wild About Harry and Donna's by Joe Bryl
My Chicago Journey by Cheryl Lynn Bruce
The Neighborhood Eye by Gordon Quinn
The Fine Arts of SubCity by Candida Alvarez
Dancing in Chicago by Bette Cerf Hill

Arts & Culture

Art: The circuitous route of Pooja Pittie to the life she wanted 

Dance: Steppenwolf makes space for process

Design: Marc Nolan's best foot forward

+ Mood: Decor Objects

Dining & Drinking: Dominique and Tanisha Leach of Lexington Betty Smokehouse are moving fast

Film: Reading pictures

Lit : Aleksandar Hemon talks about narration, migration and the mess of writing

Music: The Beths of both worlds

Stage: The spirited story of fifty years of Chicago Opera Theater


Cold nights, hot culture


“When Your Girls Make It,” a new poem from Rocio Franco
100 pages
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