Newcity Digital Sponsorships - Web + Email Combination

Newcity Digital Sponsorships - Web + Email Combination

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Order and pay here for ongoing combination advertising that includes Newcity's email newsletters, desktop and mobile sites. Each combination sponsorship has limited inventory, and you will be charged monthly and retain your position until you cancel.

We're currently offering a sponsorship for each content category available in the pulldown menu, each of which includes one desktop ad, one mobile ad and one email newsletter ad each month. (See specs below, and examples of each in images. The web/mobile position included varies based on site chosen.)

Simply use the pulldown menu to choose the site sponsorship you're interested in. The price will be displayed. You can purchase multiple placements on one site by adding them one at a time to your shopping cart.

After placing your order, you'll need to send an ad artwork file in before the artwork materials deadline which is currently the one week prior to the month you've scheduled to start. All sponsorship purchases are on a calendar cycle, regardless of purchase or billing date. For example, if you purchase an art sponsorship on August 8 or on August 28, your sponsorship will start in September. 

If you are promoting a specific event or date in your creative, we require a second set of backup undated general creative as well, in case the date passes before you provide new creative.  


Specs (Film, Lit, Stage)

Desktop Display 1200 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall, 300k max file size
Mobile Display 350 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall, 150k max file size
600x250 pixels, 300k max file size


Specs (Art)

Desktop Display 770 pixels wide x 515 pixels tall, 300k max file size
Mobile Display 350 pixels wide x 550 pixels tall, 150k max file size
600x250 pixels, 300k max file size

Please send advertising creative to


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Please send any questions  to

If you'd like more information about Newcity, visit our media kit here. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Since your automatic order each month makes the advertising inventory unavailable to others, charges are strictly non-refundable. If you wish to cancel, you must do so on this site prior to the recurring charge that is processed every thirty days. 

Credit card failure-to-process does not constitute a cancelation without concurrent notification to that the sponsorship should be canceled at the next opportunity to do so.