April 2024 Issue: Breakout Artists (Digital Edition)

April 2024 Issue: Breakout Artists (Digital Edition)

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Breakout Artists 2024

"As I was reading the profiles that comprise this twenty-first edition of Breakout Artists, I was struck by one thought: painting is not dead after all, as four of the ten artists are primarily concerned with what happens with a brush, a palette of pigments and a canvas. It's not a zero-sum game, however, as all other forms of artistic expression continue to thrive in this group, too, from photography to performance, from installation to textiles. Isn't that a great thing?" (Brian Hieggelke)

The 2024 Breakout Artists

 Luke Agada, Bryana Bibbs, Maria Burundarena, Ashkon Haidari, Robert Chase Heishman, Leasho Johnson, Nyeema Morgan, Natasha Moustache, Ava Wanbli, Nikko Washington.

    + A year-by-year list of Breakout Artists, all the way back to 2004

    + Cover by Elsa Muñoz (Breakout Artist 2023)

    For the Culture, by the Culture, with the Culture

    Here comes the Black Promoters Collective

    "Over the last twenty years, the business of promoting live music in the United States has consolidated in the hands of two multibillion-dollar behemoths, Live Nation and AEG Live. So when eight Black entrepreneurs decided to join forces as the Black Promoters Collective in 2020, it might have been hard to decide whether to describe it as starry-eyed or visionary." (Dave Hoekstra)

    The Big Big Picture

    How Art on The Mart puts on a big show
    "Standing 165 feet tall and 556 feet wide and with a projection area of the size of nearly two American football fields, Art on The Mart (AoTM) is an outdoor video-projection mapping project that commissions artists to create moving-image works of dazzling colors and atmospheric sound to be shown at the Chicago River Confluence." (Nicky Ni)

    People Powered

    Robert Earl Paige Gets His Overdue Due at the Hyde Park Art Center

    "When I meet up with artist Robert Earl Paige at his second-floor studio inside the First Presbyterian Church of Chicago in Woodlawn, he is busy doing what he knows and loves best: working. Paige shows me some cardboard shapes he’s been playing with, models for pieces that might one day be made of clay or something else. Through his eyes, all material is potential." (Alison Cuddy)

    One More Day in the Life of Jason Pickleman

    "Pickleman’s myth, like any such myth, doesn’t precisely conform to the shape of his life. Because he is a dazzlingly prolific graphic designer, and an avid collector of contemporary art, and a devoted musician and poet, and a fixture of the social scene, and many other things besides, he finds himself engulfed in an artifice only partly of his own making." (F. Philip Barash)

    Arts & Culture

    Art: A consideration of Martin Wong’s "Sweet Oblivion" at The Art Institute of Chicago
    Dance: The Dance Center goes local to celebrate its fiftieth
    Design: Anders Zanichkowsky explores the art and soul of burial blankets
    + Mood: Vessels and Vases
    Dining & Drinking: Why culinary historians want your family recipes
    Film: The Music Box goes 3D
    Lit: Renee Fleming and the healing power of music
    Music: The Laufey phenomenon
    Stage: Harry Lennix finds a mission in the theater


    It's a great time to see some art


    A Is For Attention: A new poem by Virginia Bell

    116 pages

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