March 2022 Issue: Design 50 (Digital Download)

March 2022 Issue: Design 50 (Digital Download)

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Hospital Hell

The Psych Ward During COVID
"As a psych nurse, my training limited my hand, making me unhelpful on a medical ward. What I didn't realize was that, as the weather warmed, my turn would come. I can peg the date to just before the Fourth of July 2020. As the fireworks went off above, hellfire was simmering below. It had been nearly four months of fearful patients avoiding the inside of a hospital. During these months their mental health clinics closed, their support groups were suspended, and virtual care dominated, which left patients without internet access hung out to dry." (Clarisse Casalino)

The Art of Organizing

How The Art Institute and SAIC Formed a Historic Union
"It felt big. Last September, Kait Roelofs, an administrative director at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) stood on the front steps of the Art Institute amidst a 200-person union rally. The streets were still warm and loud with summer’s end; passing cars honked in support and the crowd chanted pro-union slogans. Roelofs remembers thinking: “We did something, we built something, this is real.” Though she’d been on those steps many times before, she had the feeling that this time she was teetering on the edge of something important." (Parker Yamasaki)

Urban Structure

A photo essay by Nikola Olic

Design 50 2022

The Architects and Fashion, Graphic and Furniture Designers Who Shape Chicago

"This is exactly what this issue is about: Celebrating the forces behind the scenes in terms of power and influence in Chicago’s design scene—those who are changing our world for the better. Whether reimagining the urban landscape, redesigning our interior spaces or a workspace in which we’ll be able to better collaborate, providing digital experiences when coming together is not an option, proposing green initiatives and sustainable solutions to protect the environment, striving to bring equity, diversity and inclusion to the foreground, stressing the importance of community, and elevating the design world at-large while highlighting Chicago in the process, they all have one thing in common: they are all about redesigning the world in which we will again thrive."  (Vasia Rigou)

Designer of the Moment

Andre Brumfield of Gensler is revitalizing cities through urban design, master planning and architecture

 "The social and cultural aspects of architecture, urban design and urban planning have and always will be at the core of how I practice as a planner and public servant. For me, it’s about the drive to create a more balanced and just city, one that offers neighborhoods of choice for all races and all income levels. It is impossible for me to separate the cultural, social and political aspects of how a city works from how I design, and how I see all of these dynamics influencing the built environment." (Andre Brumfield, interviewed by Vasia Rigou)


Art: DePaul Art Museum explores the craft of reparations 

Dance: Ballet 5:8 turns ten

Design: At the Chicago Weaving School, art and craft unite

Mood: Coffee Table Books

Dining & Drinking: Chris Curren left town for country at The Graceful Ordinary in St. Charles

Film: Why you couldn't make "Blazing Saddles" today

Lit: Negesti Kaudo talks about crafting her "Ripe" essay collection 

Music: XTC redux

Stage: How Fire Shut Up Will Liverman’s Bones



More than you can ever do


Tense: A new poem from Simone Muench + Jackie K. White