April 2022 Issue: Breakout Artists (Print Edition)

April 2022 Issue: Breakout Artists (Print Edition)

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Breakout Artists 2022

"In the context of ongoing crises in our city—structural racism, the pandemic, unequal access to healthcare and affordable housing, climate change—this group of Breakout Artists concentrates on their communities in ways that are both generous and deeply restorative. In addition to creating brilliant work that is complex and colorful, joyful and heavy, these artists are rooted in their communities, ever striving to build meaningful connections and expand opportunities for others." (Kerry Cardoza)

The 2022 Breakout Artists

Helen Lee
Roland Santana
Joseph Josué Mora
Lola Ayisha Ogbara
Jazmine. Harris
Maryam Faridani
Shir Ende
Elnaz Javani

    + A year-by-year list of Breakout Artists, all the way back to 2004

    + Cover by Nereida Patricia (Breakout Artist 2021) 


    Sugar High

    Communing with Art and Nature in the Tropical Paradise of Usina de Arte

    "Ricardo Pessoa de Queiroz is telling me the story of this grand undertaking, a sculpture park and a botanical garden on the grounds of the old sugar mill that is the passion he shares with his wife Bruna, who is also his cousin. It's the story of family politicians and tycoons that goes back at least ten generations in Brazil on his father's side, and to 1650 on his mother's side. Of presidents and governors and assassinations and revolutions. Of land lost and regained. And of art."  (Brian Hieggelke)


    DMs from Kyiv

    A conversation with a friend in the war zone by Nick Jackson and Zhenia Perutska


    Arts & Culture

    Art: An overview of Bani Abidi at the MCA

    Dance: Sara Juli tickles the underbelly of relationships 

    Design: Creatures Are Stirring embraces architecture’s fantastical qualities

    Mood: Accent Chairs

    Dining & Drinking: What you’d expect from gins of India


    Film: Making buzz with "Memoria" and Apichatpong Weerasethakul

    Lit : Jessica Campbell discusses "Rave"

    Music: Joe Goodkin sings of war

    Stage: Lanise Antoine Shelley brings “The Tragedy” to the House 



    The city in motion


    Supermoon in AprilA new poem from Dipika Mukherjee

    84 pages
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